Located in the Center for Clinical Services

147 Clove Road, Little Falls, NJ 07424

Arriving and Parking
The building is a bit tucked away but it's not hard to find. You can park right out front where the spots say "reserved." They are reserved for you!  You do not need a pass or permit. There is also parking on the side if needed.
When you arrive tell the receptionist you have an appointment with us. If s/he is not there, call us on the courtesy phone located on the wall across from the reception desk (dial 5448 or 3616).

Most people will come via Clove Road through campus (northbound). Go past the dorms on your left and the transit deck/train station on your right. We will be then be on the left.

Right before you turn into the Center you'll see a "Lot 60" sign. That's where you'll  turn.

The Talking Lab:  Phone 973-655-5448  Email: thetalkinglab.montclair.edu